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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes are factory-made. They are becoming more and more common in the west with each passing day. Prefabricated homes have many benefits over site-built homes. Most worry about the quality of prefab houses, but this concern is frankly useless. 


Prefabricated homes are easier to afford, maintain and build. In addition, they are environment-friendly and have lower labor demands. If you are looking for modular housing, Danhaus Fertighäuser would be an excellent place to start.

Benefits of Prefabricated Homes:

Prefabricated homes are a better option than site-built homes. Why? Several reasons as listed below:

Produce minimum waste:

Prefabricated houses produce the least amount of waste. This is possible because most of the construction products used are leftover materials from factory efforts. However, this doesn’t mean that these materials are of poor quality. Moreover, builders cannot use all the material allocated for home construction. So, if there are unused materials, the constructors can save them for some other project, and they won’t have to be dumped.


Prefab houses have lower net expenses. Statistically, site-built houses cost 50% more in contrast to their factory-built counterparts. This is because these homes are constructed in a more controlled environment. A centralized indoor atmosphere eliminates any chance of damage due to weather, vandalism, or delivery issues.


Labor costs for modular housing are only 8-12%, but as high as 40-60% for site-built homes. Such savings are a game-changer for those living in urban areas or pricey cities. Work is costly and scarce in these areas. 


Moreover, factories buy building materials in bulk. This bulk buying lands them with a higher discount rate. Higher volume purchasing can cut overall costs by 30%, which consequently reduces all further endeavors. 

Swift Construction

Another worth appraising quality of manufactured housing is its shorter production cycle. Unlike site-built homes, which take a minimum of 3 months to build, it takes less than 30 days to build prefab houses. Ultra-modern techniques and tools are applied to build homes. Shorter production cycles mean lower construction loan interest, and the buyer gets to move in earlier.

Quality and Safety

The houses are built in a checked environment and are under the constant supervision of qualified professionals. Most of the time, federal or state-level quality controllers monitor the projects to ensure adequate safety and protective measures. 

Final Word

Prefab houses are better than site-built homes. This is because they are more economical and easier to construct.

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