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4th Stimulus Check Update: Petition Calling for $2,000 Monthly Payments Keeps Growing Signatures

More than 2.6 million individuals have signed a petition requesting $2,000 in monthly stimulus payments from the federal government.

Fourth Stimulus Checks

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Updates on Fourth Stimulus Checks

Ongoing Campaign for Fourth Stimulus Checks

In a recently published article in Forbes, several petitions have gathered almost three million signatures in support of $2,000 monthly stimulus payments. The petitions differ in breadth, but they all have one thing in common: they want the American people to receive a fourth stimulus check.

Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner, is organizing one of the biggest petitions. Bonin demands immediate stimulus payments of $2,000 per month for adults and $1,000 per month for each kid.

Additionally, she wants these recurrent stimulus payments to be given out every month until the Covid-19 epidemic is over. At least five additional identical petitions have been filed in the United States, urging the Senate and House of Representatives to act on a fresh stimulus package.

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Present Status of Bonin’s Petition

In a recently published article in NJ, Bonin’s petition is addressed to Congress and is titled “$2000/month to every American #moneyforthepeople #covid19,” According to the website, if the petition receives 3 million signatures, it would “become one of the most signed on”

Stephanie Bonin, one of the larger petitions’ creators, told Newsweek.”We need immediate checks and recurring payments so that we can keep our heads above water,” Meanwhile, five smaller petitions seeking monthly checks have gained momentum on the internet.

Despite the petition’s growth, the White House is unlikely to send a fourth stimulus check now that the economy is showing signs of improvement. There are many “what-if” possibilities about whether the Biden administration will offer further assistance.

Congress Urged Biden Administration To Pass Another Stimulus Checks

Congress has also pushed the Biden administration to approve more assistance, even though many members of Congress are opposed to the stimulus because of the money that has not been spent.

It can be remembered that three rounds of stimulus funds have been authorized by Congress. The first, which was approved in March 2020, contained $1,200 in direct payments. The second was for $600 and was paid in December 2020, while the third was for $1,400 and was granted in March 2021.

More than 75 members of Congress want to provide you $2,000 monthly stimulus payments until the Covid-19 epidemic is over. These members of Congress argue that the last stimulus check, as well as any fourth stimulus check, are insufficient to assist Americans who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to studies, the first three stimulus cheques helped millions of Americans avoid difficulties such as food insecurity and financial instability. More specific measures, such as an extension of the child tax credit and programs to offer free or discounted healthcare to individuals who had received jobless benefits in 2021, were also mentioned by Congress.

Furthermore, President Joe Biden’s main goal, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, is generating employment, but the president is “glad to hear” of alternative methods to boost the economy, implying that the president might be open to another round of stimulus checks.

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