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A Dose of Lou

Many of you remember Lou Ludwig .  I was lucky enough to live near him, take classes at the board where he was an instructor, and lucky enough to be mentored by him.  

Lou’s posts always inspired me, as I’m sure they did many of you.  

When I was having one of those days when things weren’t going quite right, or I needed some advice or a pick-me-up, I would always think, I need a dose of Lou.  Then I would stop and read his posts on Active Rain.  And things seemed to get better.  Or appear better.  Or I looked at them in a different way. 

Sometimes I read just one post.  Sometimes it was two or three.  And sometimes I would just read them for a while.  Whatever, it always seemed to work.

This started way back in 2009 and has continued to this day.  I was having one of those days when all of a sudden it hit me:  I need a dose of Lou.  I headed over to his blog, which thankfully is still there, and it still works.   I think he would be pleased to know he was still helping others.  Lou enjoyed encouraging and helping people.

Sharing this with you my fellow Rainers in case you’re having one of those days.  You may just need a dose of Lou!

For those who did not know Lou, here is a link to his blog.   He was a wise man. Thank you Lou.

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