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ABC Reimagines a Simpler Logo for a More Complex Era

Add ABC to the list of brands that have ditched their 3D identities and returned to a traditional flat graphic logo. (Think Pizza Hut, Subway and Burger King, all of which recently reverted to simple logos that are a bit more minimalist and avoid extra flourishes or textures.)

The network worked with branding agency Trollbäck to come up with the refresh, which launched on-air during the “Bachelorette” finale Aug. 9. ABC is rolling out the design across its various divisions, including online, and is also working with its affiliates to transition their logos to include the updated ABC look.

“We felt it was time to evolve the overall look of the network to make it more vibrant, modern and fresh,” says Shannon Ryan, president, content marketing, Hulu and Disney General Entertainment (which includes ABC). Ryan calls it “a new, bold and elevated look that visually represents our strategy and our diverse slate of programming. …  We think we landed in a great place.”

The change might not be immediately obvious to the average consumer, as the new ABC logo maintains the same basic style crafted by designer Paul Rand in 1962. But after giving the ABC ball several glossy remakes over the years, including various reflections and glows, it’s now back to simplicity. Most noticeable is probably the slight shrinkage of the lowercase “a-b-c” letters inside the logo. The circles located inside those three letters are now the basis for the network’s new ID animation system.

Ryan says the revised logo is also more flexible graphically, which is particularly important in this digital age, where certain embellishments don’t translate as well on small screens. The new look is meant to be more legible when shrunk to fit streamer program menus or social media apps.

After embracing yellow two decades ago during its “TV Is Good” era, ABC has used red, white and black as its color palette for the past 18 years, and that will continue — but it will also be modernized with gradients and a slew of secondary color palettes. And for the font nerds out there, Ryan confirms that ABC will now use Heldane and GT America, which she deems “timeless, unique and bold, as well as very versatile.”

Here’s a brief trip down ABC logo memory lane:

Lazy loaded image

Circa late 1940s ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 1950 ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 1952 ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 1955 ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 1957 ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 1958 ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 1962 ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC color presentation ABC

Lazy loaded image

ABC 2007 ABC

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