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Add These Cute Southern Beach Towns to Your Summer Vacation Bucket List

Few things are better than spending a quiet weekend away at a picturesque beach town during the summer months. Time seems to slow down as you relax by the water, and your only real concern is which restaurant to go to for lunch or dinner or which book to read. It’s relaxing, fun, and invigorating all at once, and it’s definitely the kind of recharge we could all use once in a while.

The South offers so many cute beach towns that settling on just one can feel nearly impossible. Whether you want the kind of tropical Caribbean feel you can get in southern Florida or the nostalgic charm you can find on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, there’s something for everyone. And while it certainly isn’t hard for a beach town to be adorable (they pretty much nail this on their own), the following seaside towns in the South just seem to stand out a bit more than the others. Start planning your next vacation, because these cute seaside towns are calling your name.

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