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[ASAP] An Amino-Decorated Self-Catenated Metal–Organic Framework for Efficient Capture and Conversion of CO 2

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Efficient capture and conversion of CO2 are important in energy utilization and environmental protection. A new porous metal–organic framework [Zn4O(NH2-bpdc)3(bpe)0.5(H2O)]·10DMF [NH2-H2bpdc = 2-amino-biphenyl-4,4′-dicarboxylic acid, bpe = 1,2-bi(4-pyridyl)ethylene] has been synthesized based on an amino-tagged organic linker and tetranuclear {Zn4O} SBU. This compound exhibits an unusual self-catenated underlying net of topological type hxg-d-7R-3c. The framework shows excellent thermal stability for the high connectivity and consists of abundant exposed metal sites and coordination-free amino groups, which make it an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the cycloaddition of CO2 with epoxides under mild conditions.

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