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Autumn-Winter 22-23 : Leathers

The Autumn-Winter 22-23 season draws strongly on timeless leather know-how to express heady creative fantasy and innovative modernity underpinned by sustainable development.

It dares us to experience high fantasy with a light touch, to dive into the depths of a surreal dream, to snuggle into the regressive softness of feather-light fleeces and ultra-nourished skins and admire the virtuosity of intricate technique applied to leathers, furs and accessories.

A couture influence that is given a modern expression with lively metallizations, but also surprising qualities of lightness and crackle, dry or supple textures and full-grain leathers with perfect finishing.

Innovations that may be visible or invisible, with an ecological approach that is expanding to include the entire chain of production, from the origin of the skins to the tanning and finishing processes through to the development of upcycled materials made from leather offcuts, for leathers which are increasingly eco-responsible.

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