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Back to school: statistics in the classroom

Are you a student who would like to learn more about statistics? Or a teacher wanting to explain statistics to your students? Then you should visit the Education corner on the Eurostat website:

Screenshot: education corner dedicated page

The Education corner provides tools and explanations that make statistics easier to grasp. Here you can find Statistics 4 beginners, which explains and presents statistics in an easy way. To mark the start of the new school year, three new articles explaining the concepts of Balance of payments, Structural business statistics and Short-term business statistics have been added to this section.

In the Education corner you can also find interactive publications and visualisation tools where you can compare countries and play around with the data. There are also games available, produced by Eurostat or by National Statistical Offices across Europe.

For more advanced users there are e-learning tools with exercises, where you can test your knowledge.

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