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Best of Show Winner Finn AI Adds to its Chatbot Offerings for Banks

Finn AI, the two-time Best of Show winner whose conversational AI technology has helped banks and credit unions add to their digital engagement solutions, announced a set of new additions of its own today. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based fintech unveiled three new chatbot service levels to give banks and credit unions greater options in tailoring the online banking experience for their customers and members.

“We’re giving financial institutions flexibility in how they embrace chatbots,” Finn AI co-founder and CEO Jake Tyler said. “They can either adopt fully-integrated bank chat now or they can build their digital experience over time.”

Finn AI’s Virtual Banking Assistant, powered by AI, enables banking customers to use their preferred communication channel – including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, SMS, iOS, web chat and more – to conduct their banking activities. The AI also helps banks and credit unions gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences in order to make increasingly accurate and relevant responses and recommendations. With more than 800 pre-built workflows, the technology is able to answer queries out-of-the-box without human intervention, as well as know when to route more complex queries to human agents.

“By introducing an AI chatbot, banks can deliver better service, achieve higher loyalty, and build broader product relationships,” Tyler said.

The new levels are being introduced today are:

  • Level 1: Quick and easy responses to the most common queries to the institution’s public website.
  • Level 2: Concierge-based navigation to help customers and members using plain language on authenticated mobile and online banking sites
  • Level 3: Virtual assistant-based chatbot that enables end-users to bank via chat in plain language over the customer’s or member’s channel of choice

Founded in 2014, Finn AI has partnered with financial institutions such as ATB Financial, United Federal Credit Union, and TymeBank, as well as one of the largest U.S. card networks and a top ten U.S. retail bank. This spring, the company joined the National Association of Credit Union Services Organizations (NACUSO), and unveiled a handful of new platform features and partner integrations including interest rate tracking and enhancing the bot’s ability to respond to queries involving issues of financial literacy.

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