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Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic: Jeff Bezos’ Space Company Takes Swipes at Competition on Twitter

Richard Branson Virgin Galactic Flight
(Photo : Virgin)

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are set to go head-to-head this month as both space companies prepare to launch their owners, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson respectively, to outer space. 

As the launch date for Virgin Galactic draws closer, Blue Origin has gone to Twitter to throw shade at its competitor. 

Blue Origin has posted an infographic on its official Twitter account that blatantly compares the company to Virgin Galactic. 

“From the beginning, New Shepard was designed to fly above the Kármán line so none of our astronauts have an asterisk next to their name,” the tweet reads. 

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Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic: Blue Origin’s Infographic

Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic Infographic

(Photo : Screenshot taken from Blue Origin’s Twitter)

Blue Origin’s infographic compares the company with its competitor Virgin Galactic. The infographic compares the two space companies based on if they fly above the Kármán line, vehicle type, windows, escape system, ozone layer impact, and flight history. 

According to the infographic, Blue Origin says that they fly over the Kármán line, the internationally-recognized boundary between Earth and Space. The infographic also shows that the vehicle type they use is a rocket with an escape system. 

Blue Origin also claims to have the “largest windows in space” that measure 42 inches by 28 inches. The Jeff Bezos-owned space company also says that they have minimal impact on the ozone layer and it already has 15 safe flights in its flight history. 

How Virgin Galactic Compares According to Blue Origin

As for Virgin Galactic, the comparison made by the infographic is far from flattering. According to the infographic, the Richard Branson-owned space company does not fly above the Kármán line, has a high Ozone layer impact, and only has three flights in its history above 80 km. 

The Blue Origin infographic also says that Virgin Galactic makes use of a high altitude airplane that has airplane-sized windows and no escape system. 

Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic: Preparing to Launch CEOs to Space

According to Space, the Blue Origin infographic just comes days after Richard Branson denied that there’s some sort of a Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic rivalry going on.

“I know nobody will believe me when I say it, but honestly, there isn’t [competition],” Branson said in an interview with Today Show, as quoted by Space.

Both space companies are preparing to launch their CEOs to outer space this month. Blue Origin is set to launch Jeff Bezos on July 20, a launch date announced back in May. The only available seat on the flight was sold for a whopping $28 million. 

Virgin Galactic, on the other hand, announced on July 1, that it will be launching its CEO, Richard Branson, to outer space on July 11. Three crewmates and two pilots are expected to join Branson for the flight that will take place a couple of days ahead of Blue Origin’s launch.

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