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BrewVide Home Brewing Solution Launches Pre-Order on Kickstarter

BrewVide, a home brewing solution, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The campaign is already funded, reaching its $100k goal quicky. What makes BrewVide special? It keeps the fun and craft in brewing with its patent pending technology, while simplifying brew day with a compact and powerful smart device – it significantly reduces the amount of equipment and space needed to brew.

The founders’ goal was to create to technology that helps you be a be better brewer, but not create technology that does the brewing for you…. the craft of it remains and you still get your hands wet.

The Super Early Price of $299 is currently available, among many other rewards. I hope you consider covering this innovative, all-in-one product that will reshape and simplify the process of homebrewing and since BrewVide is essentially a sous vide on steroids, it is also fantastic for large batch sous vide. Whereas typical sous vide devices would struggle to maintain large batch temperatures, BrewVide™ can cook up to 5-10 gallons of meat with no problem.

Key Features:

With BrewVide™ it is all about simplicity and control. The built-in dual heating elements eliminate the need for propane, regulators, and burners, while providing precision temperature control. AND the integrated pumps allows you the ability to whirlpool and transfer to a fermentor, which means your brew day just got a lot less cluttered.

Problems BrewVide Solves:

  • Tired of bad extraction and boil-overs?
    • BrewVide™ offers precise temperature control from 70 degrees to boil using dual heating elements and a proprietary algorithm for control.
  • Tired of stirring?
    • BrewVide’s built-in pump is oriented to provide a gentle stir or a powerful whirlpool on demand.
  • Tired of dumping and racking?
    • We were too. That’s why we created a way to use BrewVide™ to easily transfer wort from your kettle to your fermentor.

BrewVide App:

The BrewVide™ app is a very simple and intuitive interface that gives you the ability to create schedules, set temperatures, and monitor your progress. This app does not do everything for everyone. It is purpose-built to give you a better brewing experience. That’s it.


You can purchase additional equipment with your pledge.

  • 10gal Kettle
  • Chilling Kit
  • Insulation
  • Grain Bag

For More Information:

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