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Cooper proposes how to spend latest virus relief aid from DC

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s governor is set to tell lawmakers how he wants them to spend the billions of additional dollars the federal government has allocated through another COVID-19 relief package.

Gov. Roy Cooper scheduled a Wednesday news conference to unveil his recommendations for North Carolina’s share of American Rescue Plan funds.

The state learned last week its portion would be $5.4 billion, with half of the money made available immediately. And that doesn’t include $6 billion that Congress already has told the state how it must be used. Over $3 billion more is also going to local governments.

The Democratic governor and Republican lawmakers worked in tandem last year when they agreed how to spend $3.6 billion in coronavirus relief funds.

The latest tranche from Washington comes as state government coffers are already flush with revenues collected during the economic recovery.


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