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Does Hulu have a Public API for Developers?

Developers want to enhance their apps or websites with streaming-aware features. Recommendation engines or universal search is a great way to enhance the user experience. A Hulu API for developers would make these features much easier to offer.

Why is Hulu’s streaming service so appealing for developers? With entertainment content from the major broadcast and cable networks, Hulu’s on-demand catalog provides a one-stop shop for people catching up on current seasons.

But helping people discover content on Hulu needs to be easy. Let’s look at the prospects for a Hulu API and at an alternative that gives your projects the streaming-aware features you need!

Is there a Hulu API?

Independent developers cannot access Hulu’s API. That’s reserved for Hulu’s internal teams. With a lot of effort, you could get around this by scraping Hulu’s website. But maintaining a catalog of Hulu content and metadata is much more difficult than it used to be. Hulu’s partners add and remove content all the time. Most movies are only in the catalog for a few months. Long-running TV shows may have some seasons and not others. Once the current season of a TV series ends, the network eventually pulls it from Hulu.

Building an in-house Hulu content catalog and keeping it current requires pulling the resources you need from your development project. A large company might have the extra talent sitting around, but most developers need their teams to stay on-mission. This is the reason why we created the Flixed APIs for on-demand content.

Find out more about the Flixed API.

Enhance your app development with the Flixed API

We founded Flixed with a singular mission: make it easier for cord-cutters to find where to watch their favorite content. Besides crafting informative content, we developed resources to offer unique data services such as the Flixed Live TV Streaming Guides.

Those resources include catalogs of on-demand content and metadata from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other popular streaming services. Rather than keep these resources to ourselves, we make the data feed available to developers through a RESTful API. The Flixed APIs for on-demand content have the documentation, simplicity and performance you need to add such advanced streaming-aware features as:

  • Universal search to find content across streaming services.
  • Streaming availability notifications when Hulu’s catalog changes.
  • Content recommendations based on your own algorithms.

With the Flixed API, you can provide these and other advanced features to deliver the accurate streaming availability data your users need. Besides enhancing the user experience, you can boost revenue from your existing affiliate programs.

Integrate Hulu metadata into your app with the Flixed API

Fully documented, simple to implement and performant, the Flixed API will enhance your app or website with content about Hulu’s catalog and more. Find additional information about the Flixed API and see how easy it is to get started now!

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