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Don’t you just love . . .

So, yeah one of my favorite things to do is to call customer service – NOT!!!!


I am having satellite service transferred to a new address. When my initial contract on my current address expired, my rates skyrocketed. SO, I tried to sign up as a new customer. Web site would not allow it. So, I called the number. Woman who could not help me answers and sends me to man who can. Unfortunately, his phone sounded like he was on Jupiter. Couldn’t understand a word he said. Hung up called back. Asked to be transferred to the same department again, but this person wants to ask me 30 questions. So, I hung up and called a different number this time, I said I was cancelling service.


In 5 seconds, I got an amiable country boy from Tulsa that helped me out, guided me through their systems, upgraded my equipment and cut my rate. Now, I will have better service at $30 less per month.


I may just cancel more often.


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