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Dutch Wonderland and Cartoon Network Hotel going cashless

Palace Entertainment, Parques Reunidos’ US subsidiary, has revealed that Dutch Wonderland and the Cartoon Network Hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are going cashless from 16 April 2022.

In order to streamline the visitor experience, Dutch Wonderland will only accept electronic payments, including debit cards, credit cards and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Guests will have access to cash-to-card kiosks located across Dutch Wonderland, where they can transfer cash, free of charge, onto a card to use throughout the park.

“Becoming a cashless park will provide guests with a better and safer experience throughout their entire day here at the ‘Kingdom for Kids’,” said Dutch Wonderland general manager James Paulding.

“We expect to see wait times decrease for food and retail stores, and have added several cash-to-card kiosks throughout the park to provide guests a simple and easy way to convert their cash onto a card.”

Theme parks transition to cashless systems

Pennsylvania’s Hersheypark has also transitioned to a cashless system. This came after Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and Kings Island in Mason went cashless.

“There are plenty of benefits, both for guests and our parks,” said Gary Rhodes, a Cedar Fair spokesperson (via Spectrum News). “Cashless transactions are faster, safer and more secure.”

“Our parks also benefit. There’s no need to pay for armored cars to haul currency back and forth from the parks,” Rhodes added.

“No more time and labor spent counting cash. And from a practical standpoint, it’s getting harder and harder to find coins.”

Dutch Wonderland accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

“The switch allows for a smoother and safer experience for guests, who can make payments with cards in addition to using secure mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay,” said Lynsey Winters, Northeast PR manager for Palace Entertainment.

Images: Palace Entertainment

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