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eDesk and Aircall agree e-commerce helpdesk partnership

Alex Payne, CEO at eDesk, says: “We’re thrilled to have joined forces with Aircall, establishing a partnership that allows eDesk users to add voice to their suite of communications.”

“Customers won’t hesitate to use a multitude of channels to communicate, especially when they have an issue that needs resolving, and expect the same level of service regardless of their choice. During this time of e-commerce expansion, sellers need a solution that allows their business to grow.”

“This means answering queries fast to get positive feedback, which will build their reputation and their ranking within the marketplace algorithms.”

“Data from our research earlier this year has found there’s a fine 24 hour window of opportunity to resolve any queries and, combined with Aircall’s findings about a preference for voice, this improvement will help online sellers have a more strategic and convenient multi-channel approach to their operations.”

Gianna Scorsone, GM/Head of North America, Aircall, adds: “Integrations and partnerships are at the very core of our vision at Aircall to make the voice channel as collaborative as possible. We are honoured to be the only phone system connected to eDesk’s advanced e-commerce helpdesk.”

“Together, we will enable our customers to enter conversations with more context, and support teams can solve inquiries more efficiently and effectively than ever before.” 

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