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Electrify America App Update Brings Support For CarPlay & Android Auto

Do you have an electric vehicle? According to 9to5Mac, the new Electrify America app update brings support for CarPlay and Android Auto. The new update is now available on both iOS and Android. Why is this update good for owners of electric vehicles? Well, it will make it easier to find the closest Electrify America charging station.

In addition to helping, you find the closest charging station, you will also be able to initiate and complete remote charging. Not bad at all. Another big deal about the update is that it will definitely help Electrify America increase electric vehicle adoption.

Electrify America has a lot of charging stations in the country already. They have 650 charging stations which 2700 chargers. That is a lot of charging stations to provide the nation’s EV car owners the energy they need.


Besides the most well-known EV aka the Tesla, there are many new vehicles popping up. Ford has two new ones which are the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning. Admittedly, the Mustang Mach-E is an interesting concept. A former muscle car now evolving into an EV.

There is plenty of other EVs out there which will benefit from Electrify America’s charging stations. Again, thanks to the new app update users will be able to easily find their closest charging station. The app will now display a streamlined version of the mobile app.

Electrify America App Update brings support for CarPlay and Android Auto

But wait there is more. The update also shows the number of available chargers, charging connectors and speeds, and charging plan details for the users’ Electrify America account.


And for anybody out there lucky enough to have any from charging from Electrify America there is more. You will be able to see how many more times you can freely charge your device. That way you don’t accidentally leave your wallet thinking you had one more free charge.

Now of course what would a new app update be without an official announcement from the company. Electrify America has this to say about the latest update: “The mobile app compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto products is one of Electrify America’s many innovative enhancements for the electric vehicle driving experience, with the goal of promoting increased adoption of electric vehicles.”

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