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Enjoy natural eye contact in video calls with Center Cam web camera

center screen position web camera

center screen position web cameraDue to the increase in video calls over the past two years we have all experienced that disconnection during meetings, presentations and sales pitches due to the off center position of most laptop and desktop web cameras. This off center position removes the human connection you would normally experience during a face-to-face meeting, making it extremely difficult to keep your video core members engaged.

One solution brings back immersion to meetings and allow you to present your point of view in a more productive way using natural light contact is the Center Cam webcam. Rather than being positioned away from of your line of sight and as the name suggests the Center Cam is positioned directly in the middle of your screen allowing you to always maintain eye contact with other members of your video call.

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign the Center Cam has already raised over $1 million and is now available for a limited time at a discount.

center cam webcam

center cam webcam

Early bird pledges are now available for the unique project from roughly $135 or £97 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 24% off the recommended retail price, while the Indiegogo crowd funding is under way. If the Center Cam campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around September 2021. To learn more about the Center Cam web camera project view the promotional video below.

“Center Cam changes the focal angle from screen-edge to middle screen, where the action is! Now you can see the OTHER 90% of human communication- the NON-verbal! Now you can read the notes on your screen without looking like you’re reading the notes on your screen! Teleprompter presentation? No problem! Live-streaming, sales, tele-therapy, tele-health, tele-whatever… Center Cam is the tool. “

“The Center Cam web camera offers a choice between Horizontal Field of View, i.e. the side-to-side area shown on a webcam. Center Cam offers a 65 degree and 52 degree option. Most users will find the 65HFOV camera suits their needs, but the 52 is also available for our content-creators and green-screen users that want a tighter shot.”

center cam packaging

center cam packaging

“We partnered with an existing manufacturer, so we have things to offer a typical startup can’t; like a one-year limited warranty. The Center Cam web camera is plug and play to most PC and Mac systems. The proprietary clip is what brings it all together. “

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, extra media and more features for the web camera, jump over to the official Center Cam crowd funding campaign page by clicking the link below.

Source : Indiegogo

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