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Environmentally friendly toilet opens in Weybourne

It doesn’t rely on water or electric

Author: Sharon PlummerPublished 3 hours ago
Last updated 3 hours ago

A new environmentally friendly public toilet is being trialed in North Norfolk.

It’s part of a series of green initiatives the District Council is trying out.

Based alongside the beach car park in Weybourne, the loo has been developed creating a low cost option for human waste disposal. This free standing toilet functions without water, electricity or chemicals and works by harnessing the natural energy from the sun and wind, making it a much more carbon efficient option than traditional toilets.

The toilet features a black ‘chimney’ (known as a pod), which is positioned to maximise the solar exposure throughout the year. The solar radiation heats up, raising the temperature inside which in turn speeds up evaporation, dehydration and natural aerobic decomposition. The prevailing wind continues to operate the system when there is no sun. Depending on use, the dried waste is removed approximately every six months. The toilet will be open 24/7 and a hand cleansing station is provided. Lighting will be provided by a solar powered light.

North Norfolk District Council, through the use of this environmentally friendly design instead of traditional facilities will:

Reduce the carbon footprint

Cut down water usage

Use solar lighting instead of mains electric

Eradicate methane gas output by dispensing with a septic tank

Reduce the impact on the environment through not installing new drainage or power supplies

Increase protection of groundwater sources and our natural environment

Cllr Nigel Lloyd, NNDC’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, Climate Change & Environment, commented:

“I am delighted that the Council have found an environmentally sound solution to the difficult problem of installing toilet facilities in locations where standard utility services are not available. These eco-toilets will cut our reliance on grid energy by using power from the sun and the wind, reduce our reliance on water resources and also minimise the environmental impacts of the waste produced. They are ideal facilities for deployment in rural areas of North Norfolk where standard utilities are not always available.”

The toilet is now open.

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