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Family business begins

Little Tin Shed Medaui saplings and flower beds are ready for the busiest times on the farm.

Family-owned businesses have grown fruits, vegetables and flowers for the past 30 years and expect this year to be no exception.

“We need a lot of planting in the spring,” said Danielle Harris.

“Before the season, we often prepare seedlings in the greenhouse, so when spring comes, the ground gets warmer and we can plant seedlings.

“That is, in two months you will have all the crops.

“Our work includes planting, weeding, irrigating and controlling insects and pests.”

Daniel was the son of his current owner, Graham Harris, and took on this role after growing up on a farm with his parents.

He says it’s a family heritage that they are passionate about their work.

“It’s four generations. That’s what we always know and we have a lot of skills,” Daniel said.

“It’s also comfortable.”

Business is also loved by the community.

Daniel says that every time it is advertised, the flowers are sold out and many people stop by to buy fruits and vegetables.

They use agricultural products harvested directly from the site to sell their products at roadside food stalls.

“The community was great. Without them, the farm wouldn’t have been successful,” Daniel said.

When it comes to preparing your own garden, he immediately offers his best tips.

“We grow things when there are seasons, and many people try to grow things when they don’t. No matter how hard we try, we fail,” he said.

“Also, try different types of pesticides, using the right fertilizers and pesticides. [fruits and vegetables].. “

Go to “Medawee’s Little Tin Hut” above Facebook For more information on business.

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