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Frankfurt at the top of the gastronomy ranking – fast food stronghold surprises

Created: 04/16/2022, 11:18 am

By: Helena Gries

In terms of restaurant density, Frankfurt is even ahead of Berlin.

According to statistics, however, Germany’s fast-food stronghold is in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Frankfurt – restaurants and snack bars as far as the eye can see: Frankfurt* is way ahead when it comes to gastronomy.

As statistics recently collected from various online portals show, the restaurant density in no other German city is as high as in the metropolis on the Main.

But the city in the south of Hesse* is not automatically the fast food stronghold of the Federal Republic.

The number of restaurants in major cities in Germany varies constantly.

The food supplier Hello Fresh has compiled the statistics for the gastronomy offer.

For this purpose, snapshots from the data from February 2022 from the Internet portals Tripadvisor, Yelp and Openstreetmaps were evaluated and used, as reported by*.

Gastronomy in Germany: Frankfurt ranks 4th in terms of number of restaurants

In terms of the number of restaurants, Frankfurt, with 2404 restaurants, ranks 4th in a Germany-wide comparison, ahead of Cologne with 2361 restaurants.

Measured by the number of inhabitants, most of the restaurants in Germany can be found in the capital.

According to evaluations by Hello Fresh, Berlin has 6579 gastronomic offers.

Hamburg is in second place with 3415 restaurants, followed by Munich with 3306.


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However, according to the portals, Frankfurt, with around 749,000 inhabitants, has the highest concentration of restaurants.

With 2,404 restaurants, the rate is one restaurant for every 312 inhabitants.

In Berlin, statistically, 571 of the 3.76 million people have to share a restaurant, in Hamburg there are 542 people per restaurant, in Munich 450.

Neither Frankfurt nor Berlin are fast food strongholds in Germany

Just like in the capital, according to statistics, every tenth restaurant in Frankfurt can be assigned to the fast food category.

However, the offer is not only determined by international chains, but also by smaller branches or privately run restaurants.

According to the online portals in Frankfurt and Berlin, the big chains like McDonald’s and Burger King together own 2.8 percent of all restaurants.

However, Germany’s fast-food stronghold is neither Berlin nor Frankfurt nor any other of the largest cities in the Federal Republic.

According to evaluations by Hello Fresh, in a city in North Rhine-Westphalia every fifth restaurant offers fast food such as doner kebabs, burgers or bratwurst.

Frankfurt is way ahead when it comes to gastronomy.

In no other major German city is the density of restaurants as high as in Frankfurt.

© Ralph Peters/Imago

Highest density of restaurants in Frankfurt: Comparably few fast-food restaurants on the Main

This makes Münster the fast food stronghold in Germany.

19.5 percent of the restaurants in the city offer fast food.

In Gelsenkirchen there is a similar number with 17.7 percent, Braunschweig comes third with a share of fast food restaurants of 14.9 percent.

Cologne not only occupies 5th place in the general gastronomy ranking, but also in the proportion of fast-food restaurants.

Here, visitors are offered fast food in almost every tenth restaurant.

Hesse has added three more one-star restaurants.

In the current edition of the “Guide Michelin” restaurant guide, two restaurants in Frankfurt* are awarded one star.

(Helena Gries)

* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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