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Google TV Rolls Out Feature to Remove Movies, Shows From ‘Continue Watching’ Row

Chromecast with Google TV is slowly rolling out a new feature that will allow users to delete shows and movies from the “continue watching” row, which houses any of the content you have started watching but haven’t finished. This feature is meant to be convenient and make it easy for you to pick back up on the shows and movies you already started, but it doesn’t always work as well as it should.

Before this new update, the “continue watching” row could easily become cluttered, making it difficult to navigate to the shows and movies you wanted to watch. If you started watching a show and didn’t like it, it would still remain in the “continue watching” row. Movies with lengthy credits that you may not have watched would also stay in the “continue watching” row.

On Reddit, user Alfatango97 first noticed the new addition and shared a photo of the “continue watching” row. Previously, when selecting a title from “continue watching,” users could only choose to “open” a show or movie. Now, “hide” is an option as well. The user explains that they contacted Google a month ago after the shows and movies they had finished were not removed from the “continue watching” menu.

This feature is not available to all Google TV users yet, and it’s unclear when everyone will have access to it, but it appears to be rolling out slowly on devices. Android TV already allows users to “hide” titles in the “continue watching” row. In the next two years, Google TV will replace Android TV, which explains the similar features they have both introduced.

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