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He had decided to make the hotel his home for us ”/ The incredible story of the Albanian couple, the young woman shows how Germany left her wealth after she died of cancer

He had decided to make the hotel his home for us ”/ The incredible story

An unusual story has come today from Entoleta Notaj, the youngest competitor who will join the fashion show “Style Star”. She was a guest on the show “Morning Abc”, where she told the incredible story of her life.

Entoleta testified that she left with her husband and son in Germany. She was expecting her second child at the time, and it was not easy for her to leave and adjust to another place. The German state sent them to a village, where they met a German woman, who completely changed their lives.

The note indicated that the elderly woman, whom she considered a second mother, had helped her and her family do the paperwork. But when the elderly die from a serious illness.

“We had decided that he would make the hotel a home for us, so that we could live together.

She wanted to take us from the house left by the German state and leave us on her property. But it did not happen because he got cancer and died. At first, the property passed to her sister but she had left the trust, and the property passed to us. “Her sister is still my son’s godfather today,” she said.

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