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Highest-rated fine dining restaurants in Greensboro, according to Tripadvisor

With the advent of Big Data, it’s now easier than ever to quantify what people like around the globe. And when it comes to food, Americans seem to have specific opinions. Dining brands in the U.S. have a long and storied history—and whether they’re fast food, fast-casual, high-end, or super cheap, U.S. restaurants offer something for almost everyone.

What’s clear about U.S. dining habits is that people love options. Restaurants across America are chock-full of variety, mixing ethnicities, food regions, and cultures into steaming melting pots of (often) fried deliciousness.

Stacker compiled a list of the highest rated restaurants in Greensboro that are listed as “fine dining” on Tripadvisor. Locals are sure to see some favorite eateries and classic go-to restaurants. Keep reading to see if your favorite restaurant made the list—and to see which spots you haven’t been to yet.

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