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How to Increase your Car Sales by 60% or More % by Empowering Your BDC and Sales Team Today

Did you know that these three things determine your success a dealer to close more deals? The time you start calling, the volume, and more importantly how well your SALES and BDC teams handle tough questions from customer

Statistically, when your BDC starts earlier, you can handle calls first and have enough time to practice objection. Then you can exceed that sales goal before end month and without headache.

Your dealership can be among the few car dealerships that exceed their goal before month-end.

The solution is simple.

Invest some time in team building and training to convert leads and foot traffic.

Here are the top skills that will enable your team to get these results:

  • How BDC can interview customers at the right time.
  • How to analyze customers’ needs- asking the right questions.
  • How to close the sale


If your team can ask critical questions, learn how to analyze needs, and conduct follow-ups the right way, you can turn them into professionals within two weeks.

Transform your team into professionals who will convert more leads. And increase your ROI right now.

Learn how your team can generate more leads and convert them during our 45-minute zoom meeting Tuesday, July 20th at 10:15AM EST.

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