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Kraft Singles Now Has Its Very Own Dance Track And It’s Anything But Cheesy

Yesterday, B&T brought you the news that American fast food chain Arby’s had released a rap song deriding rival McDonald’s famous Filet-O-Fish, Arby’s using the tune to claim its new fish sandwich to be far superior. Read all the news HERE.

As if to confirm brands are increasingly playing in the music space comes the news that America’s most loved processed cheese, Kraft Singles, now has its very own music clip in praise of the plasticy sandwich staple.

Apparently the song was born from the brand’s double-digit growth it’s enjoyed during the pandemic.

New York creative creative agency Johannes Leonardo and music house Human enlisted singer Kelis to front the track called “Square it”. Not only an accomplished chanteuse, Kelis is also a trained chef and cookbook author.

That track is available across Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms and even includes a limited-edition vinyl pressing, too. The accompany video stars Honey Balenciaga as the singing/dancing chef. Watch it below or sing along with the lyrics posted underneath:

[embedded content]

“Grillin’, chillin’, spillin’, dillin’
BEC-ing, never brie-ing
Smokin’, yolkin’, flippin’, dippin’
If you’re not oozing, then you’re losing
Tater totting, cold or hotting
Mealin’, feelin’, pie-ing, trying
Color your spread, upgrade your bread
Pair it, share it — Square it!

Cold or hot
I’m feeling yellow, yellow
Tater tot
I’m feeling yellow, yellow

Meltin’, breadin’, bakin’, shreddin’
Slicin’, dicin’, spicin’, ricin’
If you’re Swissing it, then you’re missing it
Fryin’, flyin’, savorin’, favorin’
Over rotini, inside a panini
Egging, maining, siding, plain-ing
Debunk the inglorious, one shape’s victorious
Square it!”

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