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Lehigh and Connecticut College Partner to Cultivate Talented Students into MS in Management Program

Lehigh’s College of Business and Connecticut College have jointly announced an enhanced extension of their 4+1 partnership agreement, which calls for four years of undergraduate studies at Connecticut College plus one year of graduate management education at Lehigh.

Students at Connecticut College in Liberal Arts or STEM field majors can enter Lehigh’s MS in Management (M2) program earning the master’s level degree in just under 10 months.

Lehigh’s MS in Management program is designed specifically for students with a non-business undergraduate degree, who want to leverage their undergraduate majors in a business leadership role. The combination of Liberal Arts or STEM with business training further enables Connecticut College graduates to be workplace ready as they look to enter a variety of industries ranging from pharma to high tech to health care administration to financial services to brand marketing, just to name a few.

“Enhancing our agreement with Connecticut College is a continuous step forward for our Lehigh M2 program,” said Yuliang (Oliver) Yao, interim deputy provost for graduate education and associate dean for graduate programs, George N Beckwith ’32 Professor at Lehigh. “Connecticut College enables us access to truly talented students to complement their undergraduate Liberal Arts or STEM field degrees with management training. The combination opens up a whole new world of access to blue-chip companies. The undergraduate integrated curriculum and community networking approach at Connecticut College adds fresh perspectives in our Lehigh classes. As a result, the overall student cohort benefits.” 

In the enhanced partnership agreement, accepted Connecticut College students meeting set criteria will be eligible for a range of tuition awards designed to support their graduate management education endeavors.

“Building on the strong foundation of a liberal arts education offered by Connecticut College, the Lehigh graduate management education program is an ideal complement to empower our graduates to become outstanding business leaders,” said Jefferson Singer, dean of the College, Faulk Foundation Professor of Psychology, Connecticut College.

For more information on the Lehigh MS in Management Program, contact Alyssa Clapp, M2 program director at or call 610-758-4450.  To apply, visit

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