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London Zoo sets up Easter Egg hunt for animals

Author: Louise EastonPublished 7 hours ago

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have laid on a festive egg hunt for the animals ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

Painting papier-mâché eggs in bright colours, keepers hid tasty treats for meerkats Frank, Dracula, Penelope and Meko to find amongst the sandy rocks in their home, before hanging veg filled Easter piñatas for Western lowland gorillas Mjukuu, Effie, Alika and Gernot to eggsplore.

ZSL London Zoo’s Head Zookeeper Dan Simmonds said:

“The gorillas loved tearing into their colourful Easter piñatas in search of snacks, but despite there being plenty to go round, the meerkats were eggstremely protective over their festive hoard – something that other families might find familiar this Sunday!”

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