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Memphis Zoo Can’t Find Its Wallaby After Flood Evacuation

Officials from the Memphis Zoo have confirmed that they lost their wallaby.

In a wild story out of Tennessee, the flooding that has hit the western border of the state caused an evacuation of many exhibits in the Memphis Zoo. In doing its recovery effort, the group seems to have misplaced one of the animals.

“Hopefully KangaZoo is going to be reopened in the next few days, but we didn’t have any kangaroos get out,” Jessica Faulk, a spokeswoman, said. “We do have a wallaby that is unaccounted for, but our teams are actively searching for him. He wouldn’t have gone far.”

Severe thunderstorms came through the area yesterday forcing zoo handlers to transfer animals from the KangaZoo Outback Experience exhibit to the animal hospital nearby.

The KangaZoo exhibit recently opened on March 17 and it features 20 adult kangaroos as well as two juveniles, along with emus and cockatoos. 

The wallabies had been overseen by zookeepers in a separate section in preparation for the opening of a VIP section, set for April. 

The Memphis Police Department have joined the search for the missing animal and is asking the public to report any sightings.

Photo by Patrick McGregor on Unsplash

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