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Microsoft Edge 93 Adds Tab Groups and More New Features

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Tabs might be one of the greatest web browser innovations of all time. Tab groups are right there behind the invention of tabs, though. Now, Microsoft Edge is getting support for tab groups with version 93 of the browser.

As is the case with other browsers, tab grouping allows you to find and switch between large amounts of tabs quickly and easily. If you’re the kind of person who keeps an overwhelming number of tabs open on your PC, this is an update you’ll absolutely adore.

In a blog post, Microsoft said, “We are turning on tab grouping which provides the ability to categorize tabs into user-defined groups and helps you more effectively find, switch and manage tabs across multiple workstreams.”

Microsoft also added the ability to hide the title bar while using vertical tabs. This is more of a visual tweak, but it does give you a few extra pixels to work with if you’re a fan of using your browser in this way. To turn it off, you need to go to edge://settings/appearance and then head to the Customize Toolbar section, where you can click on hide the title bar while in vertical tab mode.

For macOS users, Edge 93 introduces a picture-in-picture option for videos. Simply mouse over a video, and a toolbar will appear that allows you to view that video in a PiP window.


Of course, there’s the regular supply of bug fixes and performance improvements, but it’s the tab group feature that should have Edge users all fired up (and maybe even some non Edge users thinking about converting).

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