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Myles Kronman on How Model House LA is Leveraging Social Media to Create Exponential Growth

The concept of Model House LA taps so perfectly into the power of social media that it’s hard to understand why something like this didn’t exist earlier. Myles Kronman is the Founder of Model House LA, an exclusive network of creators and digital influencers brought together to harness the power of social media and create limitless growth opportunities. Here, Myles Kronman shares how an original concept became a powerful real-world network.

Built upon the foundations of cross-promotion and collaboration, Myles Kronman shares that Model House LA leverages the power that social media puts into the hands of creators and influencers to create new opportunities. The network’s exclusive membership comprises a diverse collection of creators ranging from YouTubers, models, and make-up artists to athletes and designers. As this creative network continues to grow, Kronman explains that its range is as limitless as the imaginations and concepts of the creators within it. Expanding on this, he says, “Unlike a traditional agency that gathers creators solely to makes profits off of them, Model House LA works as a collective that supports creators and helps them undergo real growth so that they can monetize their passion.”

Myles Kronman has been nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit since his youth when he conceptualized business ideas around selling gum and giving swimming lessons. He delved fully into the world of digital marketing when he co-founded the digital marketing agency Social Key Media. It was within this digitally enterprising environment that Kronman saw the true potential of social media and used these insights to establish his collective of creators.

With a combined social media audience of over two billion, Myles Kronman and Model House LA are showing the world how to truly leverage social media to generate the maximum growth possible.

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