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Nantesbuch: There’s a lot of music in the air – spring festival in May

Created: 04/01/2022, 11:00 am

By: Christiane Mühlbauer

Andreas Hofmeir from LaBrassBanda is coming to a concert and cabaret evening on May 12th.

© Gerlach

The Art and Nature Foundation in Nantesbuch wants to appeal to the public with cultural events that often focus on music.

You can find out more at the Spring Festival on May 7th.

Bad Heilbrunn

– The Art and Nature Foundation in Nantesbuch has tried to maintain the program over the past few months with formats that are open to experimentation.

Now, with small steps, we are carefully returning to the usual extent.

For reasons of space, the Long House in Karpfsee is rarely used for events, but rather the farmyard in Nantesbuch.

In the Long House, however, the hayloft, which often served as a hall in winter, is retained as quarters.

There is also a lot going on outside.

A look at the programme, which will be presented at a spring festival with music and activities on May 7th, shows that the focus in spring and summer is on music and that regional artists have been invited.

On April 2nd, Gerhard Polt will be on stage with the horn quartet of the Munich Philharmonic, and the evening is almost sold out.

Andreas Hofmeir, best known for LaBrassBanda, is coming to a concert and cabaret evening on May 12th featuring his instrument, the tuba.

A few days later, on May 19th, “Dreiviertelblut” will make up for their unusual December concert, and on May 29th there will be a jazz brunch with white sausage breakfast.

The Karen Edwards Quartet with Murnau percussionist Florian Oppenrieder will be guests.

On June 19, the Well brothers invite you to a “traveling concert” around Gut Nantesbuch.

Local artists are the focus

“We are still in the process of developing our own location,” says press spokeswoman Anke Michaelis.

They are also working on a guide to better open up the area for walkers and to guide them.

Existing paths will be taken, she emphasizes.

It is basically “a tightrope walk” because of course it is also important to protect nature.

However, a path concept makes sense because it was found that some visitors would walk across country.

Unleashed dogs are also problematic.

“In some places we would like to point out special features, renaturation measures and the protection of nature.”

Literature festival planned

A total lunar eclipse will be visible again in mid-May.

There is also – if it is not cloudy – a nocturnal exploration.

In addition, the project “Atlas of the Starry Sky” will be continued.

Author Raoul Schrott reports on this work at the end of May.

The topic of planets and the sun will also be discussed at the beginning of June, when the philosopher and astrophysicist Sibylle Anderl will be a guest again.

In the evening there are cosmic sounds by the Allgäu musician Rainer von Many.

At the end of July, the foundation is planning another two-day literature festival in Nantesbuch.

This year, three bookstores from the region – including “Winzerer” from Bad Tölz – were asked to select special works from which the authors would read.

Hofgut tours, also by bike, are also on offer again, as well as a program for children.

At the end of June there will be another themed tour on the aurochs.

Further information

to the program at

You can find even more current news from the region around at Tölz.

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