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New Foodie Podcast

Borderline Salty, is a weekly podcast hosted by acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors Carla Lalli Music and Rick Martinez. The podcast will feature listener calls, offer advice and expertise, and explore the ever-changing trends, topics, and culture around food.

“Borderline Salty is all about removing the psychic and practical obstacles that stand between us and our desire to make and share food—which, after all, is one of life’s most primal pleasures,” said Carla Lalli Music. “Talking through these conundrums with Rick is a total joy, and that’s the energy we want our listeners to bring into the kitchen.”

“Carla and I are so lucky that we get to spend a few hours together each week making each other laugh with our food adventures, mishaps and triumphs,” said Rick Martinez. “We want listeners to see our kitchen catastrophes as teaching moments and their own mistakes or fears as steppingstones to becoming better, smarter, happier cooks–just like us. We’re so excited to work with Pineapple Street Studios and can’t wait to take calls from food lovers.”

Borderline Salty drops Tuesdays everywhere podcasts are available.

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