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Nuxe celebrates 30th anniversary with Huile Prodigieuse Néroli launch

Nuxe is marking its 30th anniversary with an update to its popular Huile Prodigieuse line, the organic-certified Huile Prodigieuse Néroli.

According to Nuxe, Néroli is formulated with 100% natural-origin ingredients and is vegan guaranteed. 42% of the ingredients are sourced from organic farming using two botanical oils: organic plum and organic sesame.

Organic sesame oil boasts sensorial properties that allow rapid absorption, leaving a dry finish on the skin’s surface, while plum oil is recognised for its many nourishing and repairing benefits for skin and hair.

Nuxe Global Travel Retail Director Marion Bruimaud said: “Huile Prodigieuse Néroli is a revitalising product, with soothing notes that diffuse serenity; exactly what we all need in 2021.”

She described the new product as ideal for travel retail, underlining its versatility as it is non-seasonable and can be used on face, body, hair and beards and offers after shaving protection.

“Its organic certification is also a key selling point in travel retail where consumers expect to find cosmetics and other beauty products meeting the highest standards in responsibly and naturally produced formulations,” Bruimaud added.

Nuxe revealed its first spa in Rue Montorgueil in 2002 and has opened 60 more Nuxe spa locations in France and around the world since then

As reported, Nuxe also celebrated its 30-year milestone with the opening of its first standalone boutique in Paris earlier this year. The brand invites customers to rediscover its product range and refreshed wellbeing experiences.

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