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Pod-based hand soap Keeper Clean aims to reduce plastic waste

Australian entrepreneur Bonnie Macqueen has introduced waste-free hand soap brand Keeper Clean to Aussie customers to help reduce plastic use. 

Keeper Clean offers hand soap pods which are formulated with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients and designed to dissolve in water. The product also goes with compostable and recyclable packaging to reduce plastic waste. 

Keeper Clean’s hand soap starter kit consists of a reusable, glass soap dispenser and three foaming hand soap refill pods. Consumers can buy the product separately or subscribe to the company’s monthly subscription service. 

“I started the brand when I first moved out of home and discovered how much plastic I’d accumulated,” said Macqueen. “My awareness of my personal impact on the environment motivated me to reduce single-use plastics in my home and encourage my peers and family to do the same.”

Keeper Clean said it has prevented 532 single-use plastic hand soap bottles from ending up in landfill since its launch. 

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