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Polar’s Pacer & Pacer Pro Are Watches That Will Get You Running

There are fancy smartwatches like the Apple Watches and the Galaxy Watches, but there are also fitness-focused watches. While Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness watch brands out there, Polar is giving the company some competition. Polar just revived its Pacer brand of fitness watches, and it’s offering them at decent prices.

The name Pacer might sound familiar to most people who were born before the 2000s. Two decades ago, Polar sold a wrist-worn heart rate monitor under the same name. Back then, you’d put a strap around your chest so that it could pick up on your heartbeat. Then, that strap would relay the data to your watch band so you could keep track of your heart rate.

The new Polar Pacer fitness watches are just a bit different

Fortunately, with the new 2022 Polar Pacer fitness watches, you won’t need to strap anything to your chest. What’s also fortunate is that these new fitness watches don’t only monitor your heart rate. You’re getting a proprietary operating system that, of course, centers around fitness.


The watches have different watch faces that show you different information like your activities, notifications, heart rate, the weather, and more. While there are a few customization options and smartphone notifications, the Pacer fitness watches aren’t technically smartwatches. These are for people who want to focus 100% on fitness, so you won’t really see any of the goodies you’d find with a typical smartwatch.

In terms of hardware, this is where you’ll start to see the differences between the Pacer and the Pacer Pro. The Pacer Pro has a more premium build with a metal frame while the base Pacer has a plastic frame. When it comes to sensors, both watches have a handful of different sensors. They have GPS, a heart rate monitor, and an accelerometer.

The Pacer Pro has a few more, however. This watch also has a barometer and magnetometer compass. Unfortunately, neither of these watches has a blood oxygen sensor. If you’re looking to buy one of these watches, they’re available now to buy.


Buy the Polar Pacer – $199.95

Buy The Polar Pacer Pro – $299.95

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