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Popular EV App Launches on CarPlay with a Major Catch

The number of apps getting CarPlay support keeps growing, mostly as a result of the updates that Apple has implemented in iOS 14 and which allowed more developers to join the platform.

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Just like Google, Apple decided to unlock its car-optimized experience for third parties, therefore paving the way for substantial growth in the number of apps from categories like EV tools and navigation software.

The latest to join the CarPlay ecosystem is Zap-Map, a UK EV charging station mapping solution that is already available on the iPhone and which provides users with an easy way to recharge the batteries of their electric cars.

What Zap-Map does is as simple as it could be: it maps the entire EV charging station network in the country and then provides users with information on each point, including compatible stations, status, and route information to each location.

Needless to say, Zap-Map is therefore quite a must-have for EV owners in the United Kingdom, so the addition of CarPlay, which essentially brings all these features right to the head unit in the cabin, makes everything a lot more convenient.

But unfortunately, there’s one major catch this time. The CarPlay support isn’t available for Zap-Map users unless they pay for a premium subscription, which right now is available for £3.99 if they purchase an annual plan.

In other words, CarPlay is only offered in Zap-Map Premium, which also comes with additional information such as live charging point status for each station, options to save unlimited filters, route plans, and EV models right within the app.

The good news is that Zap-Map is also working on adding support for Android Auto too, though no ETA has been provided until now. However, it’s coming soon, the parent company says, but just like in the case of CarPlay, there’s a chance it’ll be offered only as part of the Premium plan.

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