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Product Review of Advanced Word Formation

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This app teaches word-building skills tested on exams such as the Cambridge First and Advanced or TOEFL levels. It consists of eight classes with three sections each: Notes, Word Builder, and Practice. As you work your way through the app, you will become familiar with words and affixes that you need to be able to manipulate on advanced exams, expanding your vocabulary at the same time as you develop your exam skills.


What Users Love About the App

“Advanced Word Formation is a great solution for one stop shopping for our students. This is a great time-saver in the classroom.”

“Advanced Word Formation made it so easy for our teachers to create, manage, and share academic content. The ability to look at upcoming assignments, submit them and take virtual tests is amazing.”

“I personally really like the platform. I like that I can add folders, assessments, use the calendar, and add material for students however you would like to.”

“Overall, Advanced Word Formation was a lifesaver. We experimented with different products but really enjoyed the controls we had as instructors.”

 Advanced Word Formation integrates seamlessly into our district as we already use PowerSchool so it will make it an easy transition for teachers into online learning. It was easy to manage my son’s schooling.

What Users Dislike About the App

“At this point there is an option but it has delays and other problems. The interface and mobile app could use an interface update to make it a little more friendly and easy to navigate.”

“But in particular, there is nothing intuitive about how you use it. And the interface for parents is different enough from the interface for students that it is just frustrating to navigate.”

“My co-teacher and I had a hard time figuring out how to prevent students from receiving their grades right after submitting their exams.”

“As a specialist teacher, it was confusing whether to work with the classroom teacher or have our own Advanced Word Formation accounts.”

“At the enterprise level, sometimes support can be lackluster when dealing with things such as the synchronization between Advanced Word Formation and PowerSchool. On the positive side, we anticipate with PowerSchool’s purchase of Advanced Word Formation that this might.”



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