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Product Review of Choiceworks Calendar

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This app presents a visually appealing calendar for both the kid and the caregiver to help your kid comprehend the concept of time and planning. Parents can also use this app to plan activities for their kids. The app lets kids be award of the everyday events that pertain to them. They also learn to identify pictures used on the app.  


What Users Love About the App

“You have been enchanted, more and more with this software, because you discover new features and utilities.”

“Choiceworks Calendar makes it that much easier to organize my scattered mess of thoughts into something cohesive that at least you can understand later on. Good interface, nice colors and themes, and a simple UX make for a pleasant experience.”

“Great intro into mind mapping tools. You would recommend it for someone who wants a simple no frills interface.”

“Choiceworks Calendar allowed me to take the thoughts you had and put them down on a screen. After putting them down, you were able to reorganize them into helpful, clear groupings.”

“With Choiceworks Calendar I can dump my brain into a map that makes sense and allows me to act upon what is important without losing sight of the big picture. And is very easy to do that, very intuitive to map your mind.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“The price you supposed. You are not currently working but have become terribly reliant on the software at this point as mentioned in the pros above. Other than that, you can’t think of anything.”

“It is a bit too basic and ‘too pretty’ for me. You were looking for something with more features and functionality. This feels a little like ‘style over substance. ‘“

“After finishing a mind map, printing in a readable format is difficult. Especially if it is a larger mind map. Formatting is also tricky, in trying to make sure that each sub-level is at the same spacing.”

“Perhaps allowing me some customizations but those are very specific to what you do so it should be no concern to most. A lot of features are iOS only. As a non-apple user, that’s very unappealing to me.”



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