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Product Review of Cubsta

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This software is designed to create a paper-free, childcare environment. It is a cloud-based childcare management software that allows daycare workers to manage day-to-day operations and communicate with parents. It is web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


What Users Love About the App

“This is the first year my school has chosen to use the Custom Star piece. It’s pretty good. What a helpful tool for assessing and monitoring students’ independent reading. I love the accelerated reading program.”

“We have seen a high success rate in students who have kept their AR goals. With the STAR Assessments, now it is easier for us to track success through the longitudinal reports that we could run.”

“You also love the fact that with their test results come their reading levels and which book Lexile levels we could assign them to read to maximize their improvement.”

“You are able to customize assessments for individual students. You use it as an intervention tool to see what standards students aren’t mastering. It is an adaptive software that helps in differentiating our students.”

“It has now become our regular source of assessments for both Reading and Math, helping us place the students in their achievement levels and aid us in planning our instruction to ensure their success.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“It varies year to year, but the most recent updates to the online format for report retrieval have been most frustrating.”

“The only negative aspect of this software is that the new upgrade has left me having to spend a lot of time searching for the reports that I need.”

“Renaissance’s report section can be difficult to figure out how to navigate. You think the placement tests can be vague.”

 It tries to adapt as the student tests but you find the range broad and that it does not effectively test proficiency. Nothing. Love everything about this program. If you had to pick one thing it was getting my teachers to buy into using it.”

“After showing them how easy it was, everybody was using it. Connectivity, timeliness of score reports, blank screens and timing out questions still remain areas of contention. There used to be a feature where teachers could see who in their class has started but not yet completed a test.”



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