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Product Review of Destinysolutions

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This system engages learners, optimizes staff efficiency, and integrates with the main campus systems. Destiny One is customer lifecycle management software made for higher education administrators serving non-traditional learners. The nontraditional programs managed by this system include professional education, corporate training, licensure program, and internal employee trainee.


What Users Love About the App

“The financials section helps get a good precise review of the month. A lot is taken care of by using the software, like sending email reminders and links for classes, payment etc. Parents can now register themselves and all their kids and see their family’s schedule.”

“These tools help streamline our registration needs and enrollment. We have access to easily upload our camp forms, medical forms, and easily disseminate information to the families.”

“Excellent product and people. Choosing Sawyer was one of my best business decisions. Also, it supports different locations, gift cards, and most importantly a widget to add the registration form to your website.”

“It is specific to use for children’s activities and classes. Tried other booking plugins or websites that were a one size fits all.”

“Very easy to use! All that can be done in point 1, is very easy to set up. Professional look. Some other plugins look very outdated and amateurish.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“It doesn’t fix any of that which is frustrating. Sometimes find running reports confusing or frustrating. Receiving the most outlandish, crazy complaints, the customer is always right. Continually revising the staff interface though.”

“No everyday phone support. Email customer service is confusing. Checking it from mobile can be a little bit frustrating sometimes. It often repositions and doesn’t look good. But after a few attempts it was right.”

“Instead of paying out event registration income once, after the event they pay out micro payments every 3 days. This makes keeping your checks and balances almost impossible, and currently paying extra payroll.”

“Some of the classes are for adults only and that can be cumbersome to register when they are already set up for their children.”

“For staff page loading can be slow. The page navigation could be simpler, and breadcrumbs could be more useful.”



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