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Product Review of Meetup

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If you have a hobby or something you would love to share with others, you can use the Meetup app to get the word out. This is the largest group networking app available; all you do is collaborate with other members and meet up face-to-face for discussions or group outings. Whether you love archery, knitting, writing, or collecting rare Star Wars figurines, there may be hundreds of groups in your area just waiting for you to join.


What Users Love About the App

“I find it amazing that people who may find it difficult to find organizations or groups of people who share the same views, philosophy, social ideologies, etc. can easily find that on Meetup; without the need of negative comments from others who may disagree with people simply doing what they enjoy to do.”

“Great way to meet others and get out and do stuff. You know it’s a good app when you just use it without thinking too much about the app. In other words, it gives you what you need/want without causing you any problems.”

“This is one of my favorite apps! It provides easy, low-stakes opportunities to find friends. The app itself is very easy to navigate & interactive—you can like & reply to comments, as well as message individuals.”

“The app lets you search for groups or activities or events by keyword….or just scroll through all the events that meet-up groups have planned for the week and just click to join and get the info! Some are totally open to everyone cuz and some have a short screener for safety.”

“It’s very easy to join groups and become involved in the local community. plus, people are fairly friendly and inclusive”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Created a profile with my personal email (not Google, Facebook, etc…). Getting error msg: need to log in through browser to verify account. When I do that, it’s telling me that I’m banned for spamming or inappropriate behavior. Absolutely ridiculous. No email was ever sent to me to verify the account.”

“I don’t like the setup of this app as compared to their website. It is a bit complicated to use. Searching for groups is a fright, it shows Mr activities to do when I’d prefer to search by the group. Also, when you click activity and back out, you’re taken back to the top of the page instead of where you left off.”

“Terrible Ap. Unable now to receive any updates notifications RSVP calendars reminders or future events from my groups or any messages No email messages come to inbox, no notifications of future events. Help center unable to fix.”

“Three stars lost for horrible ui. For every group, you join there are 20+ options for different notifications and emails you’ll get, which you’ll have to opt-out of one at a time. Super annoying. And every once in a while the app forgets your notification/email options and starts spamming your phone and email”

“The most important thing is to acquire a new user and when I downloaded the app it always had a bug it said error loading a and when I have tried many times and finally got it most events were canceled however they still show up from the outside.”

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