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Recuro Health Further Expands Digital Solution Platform: Acquires My Legacy Decision Support App, Integrates Genetic Profiles to Enhance Disease Management & Care Coordination

[June 22, 2021]

Recuro Health (Recuro), an integrated digital health solution that evolves healthcare from a reactive, disease-focused model to a personalized, proactive system, announces the acquisition of MyLegacy, a risk stratification tool and clinical decision support application which uses proprietary algorithms based on practice guidelines developed by the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute. This acquisition further increases the scope and capabilities ofRecuro’s digital health platform, pairing automated genetic data gathering with complex care planning to save time, make care more precise and streamline the full continuum of care.

Michael Gorton, CEO and founder, Recuro Health, says, “Rich genetic and genomic risk stratification supports the Recuro integrated digital approach to disease management. By integrating these software tools, Recuro helps employers and payers ascertain complex and chronic diseases that tend to run in families like cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Access to this data supports the work of coordinators who may not have access to important genetic risk factors or genetic testing results.”

Building comprehensive individual genetic and familial profiles on individuals is typically a very manual process. Normally, genetic assessment is laser-focused on a single disease area, like cancer or in the new area of cardiogenomics, and critical information is commonly missing across the patient’s multiple disease conditions.

Dave McKee, executive director, Recuro Health Genomics, says “By identifying risk early and not waiting for episodic care, our solution can immediately impact patient care coordination. More genetic data enables precise care planning for preventive care that leads to better outcomes, patient engagement and satisfaction.”

About Recuro Health

Serving employers, providers and payers, Recuro Health delivers value throughout the healthcare ecosystem with digital solutions that respond to ongoing changes in the health care system. As patient care moves from traditional office in-person settings to wherever the patient and data are located, these solutions support the migration from convenient care to meaningful patient engagement across broader care pathways. Holistic, integrated and interoperable solutions create a personalized digital medical home that results in better outcomes and lower costs.

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