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Safety Training Across the Generational Divide

Safety Training Across the Generational Divide

Episode 96

Safety Training Across the Generational Divide

In this episode, editor Sydny Shepard breaks down the three most dominant generations in the workforce and how their motivations and learning styles can impact a company’s training approach.

Training is one of the, if not the, fundamental piece that drives safety in the workplace. Without it, employees wouldn’t know how to perform their tasks safely, and definitely wouldn’t know what to do if the worst-case scenario happened.

There are many ways that employees can be trained, especially in our digital age, but just because you can train in the most high-tech way… does that mean you should? Perhaps we should be taking the workers being trained into consideration and understanding the ways that they learn best.

For this episode of the podcast, I wanted to dive deep into this ongoing conversation that we often hear about: how training for different generations can differ. We will talk about generational motivation and learning styles and at the end, I’ll give some recommendations on how you can effectively train a class of mixed generations.

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