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Sony’s revised PS5 model boasts a smaller, lighter heatsink

You may not have heard, but Sony recently introduced a new lighter revision of the PlayStation 5. YouTube creator Austin Evans has posted a teardown that shows the revised PS5 Digital Edition (the no-disc model) is using a smaller, and probably lower-cost heatsink. It does take 0.66lbs off the weight, but it also raises the overall temperature by a few degrees, which may or may not be a big deal depending on if you upgrade your SSD etc.

There are other changes as well, like an easier to use stand screw and tweaked connections to the WiFi chip, though we don’t know how the wireless changes make any real difference. We also don’t know how many of these changes apply to the disc drive version of the PS5.

The company hasn’t officially explained these design choices for the updated PS5. But Evans speculates that the refreshed PS5 may be a cost-cutting measure that puts in practice lessons learned since the machine’s debut.

In its first-quarter earnings briefing, Sony told investors it was no longer selling the disc-based PS5 at a loss, so this design could make the Digital Edition more profitable as well. This will help their bottom line going forward.

Source Engadget

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