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SOTA Imaging Launches Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator Designed to Help Mitigate COVID-19 Risk

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ORANGE, Calif.—SOTA Imaging recently announced the launch of Cazoo, an extraoral aerosol evacuator that reduces dental aerosols, helping protect dentists, dental staff and patients from particulates that can transmit COVID-19.

SOTA Imaging Launches Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator Designed to Help Mitigate COVID-19 Risk

According to the ADA, “Compared with before the pandemic, more than 80% of owner dentists who are currently hiring are finding the recruitment of dental hygienists and assistants to be extremely or very challenging:

– For dental hygienists, 66.3% of dentists said recruitment was extremely challenging and 19.7% reported it was very challenging.
– For dental assistants, 59.2% of dentists found recruitment to be extremely challenging and 23.9% stated it was very challenging.”

Recent American Dental Hygienists’ Association poll data indicates “that for dental hygienists who have voluntarily left their positions, 42.9% reported, ‘I do not want to work as a dental hygienist until after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.’ Another 38.1% stated, ‘I have concerns about my employer’s adherence to workplace/safety standards.’”

“Cazoo was designed to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19,” said Albert Kim, SOTA Imaging vice president. “It not only helps reduce dental aerosols in a cost-effective way, it’s also easy to incorporate into virtually any dental practice.”

Cazoo connects directly to standard high-volume evacuator lines, allowing dental practices to quickly begin reducing aerosols. With an extraoral HVE attachment in place, dental practices can significantly reduce airborne particulates. Research shows a reduction of particulates by up to 90.8% when compared to an intraorally positioned standard saliva ejector.

The new product can be applied using a lip attachment or can be attached to most cheek retractors. A splash guard (sold separately) can also be attached to Cazoo for additional protection from aerosols. The ability to apply directly on the lip or use a cheek retractor allows for hands-free use. An arm accessory (sold separately) is also available.

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