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Stimulus Checks and Bonuses: More Than 25 Million Americans are About To Receive Their Payments, Are You Qualified?

A few states are utilizing their own stimulus money or surpluses to aid specific populations, such as low-income families and teachers, and have given direct support to almost 25 million people.

Stimulus Checks and Bonuses

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States are distributing stimulus checks and bonuses.

States Redistribute Stimulus Checks and Bonuses

In a recently published article in CBS News, the roughly $1 trillion in government assistance sent to American households in three stimulus cheques is credited with decreasing poverty and assisting millions of families in surviving the epidemic. However, as the COVID-19 Delta variant spreads throughout the country, some states are redistributing payments.

At the same time, many families have already spent their third stimulus check, which the IRS sent in March.  Another event that may put a strain on people’s finances is the termination of the pandemic unemployment benefit on September 6, which will reduce unemployment by 7.5 million individuals.

Furthermore, a fourth stimulus check has been proposed by some federal legislators, although it is unlikely at this time given the White House’s emphasis on its infrastructure proposal. The Biden administration also said that unemployment benefits will not be extended beyond September 6, but that the state may utilize stimulus money to prolong its own programs, according to a published article in Florida News Times.

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States Sending Checks To Certain Groups of People


On August 27, California began issuing checks worth up to $1,100 to roughly 25 million people as part of an attempt to help the state’s low- and middle-income families. The state has issued a second stimulus check. According to the state, those who got the first check but do not have a dependent will not be eligible for any benefits. If you got the first check and had a dependant, however, you will get $500, according to the U.S. Sun.


Maryland approved stimulus payments earlier this year, but only for individuals who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) on their tax filings. The Earned Income Tax Benefit (EITC) is a tax credit for low- to moderate-income taxpayers. According to the state of Maryland, a married couple with two children may only qualify if their combined income is less than $53,000. Individuals will be eligible for $300, while couples filing jointly will be eligible for $500.


Governor Ron DeSantis authorized $1,000 incentives for the state’s more than 170,000 K-12 public school and public charter school teachers and administrators earlier this year. The money comes from a $216 million government stimulus package.


Returning instructors in Irving, Texas, will get a $2,000 one-time payment, while workers in Denton, Texas, will receive a $500 retention incentive. More school districts have authorized salary increases as part of an attempt to compensate instructors for their efforts in implementing remote learning during the epidemic.

Stimulus Checks of Other States

Other states, such as Colorado, have already used the Pandemic Fund to provide stimulus payments to almost 400,000 people who received unemployment benefits during the pandemic in December. New Mexico, Washington, DC, and Vermont are among the states and areas that have given pandemic assistance to citizens.

Meanwhile, around 70 million families will get checks every month through December as part of an extended federal child tax credit worth up to $300 per kid. The money helps families with children pay for basic necessities like food, school supplies, and clothes, according to a study of census data from the left-handed economic security initiative.

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