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Supply Chain Expert Says Demand For Goods Escalated During Pandemic

John Haber, founder and CEO of Spend Management Experts, says the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted business as usual, but it heightened the importance of the work his company does.

“The supply chain has been really keeping the flow of goods in commerce alive, and that’s been critical during the pandemic, whether it’s getting the vaccine distribution out to people so they can get vaccinated,” Haber said. “But shippers and e-commerce have been really driving the supply chain, getting goods to households when brick-and-mortars shut down. The supply chain has been so important.”

Haber, a guest on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” told show host Rose Scott that ports throughout the world are clogged and demand for goods has escalated amid the pandemic.

“People are spending money on goods rather than services and travel,” said Haber.

To listen to the full conversation, click the audio player above.

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