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Survey: Most Aussies Confused By Online Shopping

Despite almost half of Aussies using online tools to shop, the majority of us still view ‘shopping’ as the act of going into a physical store.

This is according to Shopify’s ‘This is a store’ survey, which shows 77 per cent of us don’t considering online buying to be shopping.

The report shows that 83 per cent of Australians find it crucial that a brand has an online presence, while only 7 per cent feel it’s important the online experience trumps the in-person shopping experience.

Only 10 per cent use social media to discover new brands.

“Australians haven’t yet broadened their view of what a store is,” said Shopify’s managing director of APAC Shaun Broughton.

“A store is Instagram, a store is Pinterest, a store is online and a physical space. The research proves that Australians shop on all these mediums, but they still perceive a store as bricks-and-mortar.”

While this may seem like a messaging issue, it goes deeper.

18 per cent of survey respondents were wary when they couldn’t physically touch the object, not being able to test its quality. Conversely, 16 per cent said a bad review online would stop them from buying a product.

Security is also a problem, with 12 per cent worried about giving sensitive details over the net.

“Brands need to emulate a physical store experience as much as possible online, to give reassurance to those unsure about online shopping,” Broughton explained.

“This means reimagining the shopping experience and adopting omni-channel approaches, to ensure customers get the same certainty and convenience as they would in-store no matter where or how they choose to shop.”

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