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The Best London Restaurant Vouchers to Gift in 2022

You can’t really go wrong with a London gift voucher. Not only do you get to treat your friend or family member to an experience that they wouldn’t usually spend their money on, but you also get to show off your own good taste in the process. Who knows, they may even spend it on you. It’s win-win.

Except, the thing is, we were lying up there in the first half of that opening sentence. You can absolutely go wrong with a London gift voucher, and you can do that by choosing the wrong restaurant. A vibeless tourist trap, perhaps, or a glorified canteen in a mad rush to turn tables, or simply somewhere… not very good. But we’re here to present you with the very best options, so that you know you’re gifting something memorable.

These are unique experiences at some of the capital’s most celebrated restaurants. Tasting menus and masterclasses, all presented at a reasonable price. There’s no better way to do it (and if you’re starting to consider gifting these to yourself instead, we completely understand. No judgement here.)

Without further ado, here are the best London restaurant gift vouchers available right now, including vegan and sustainably-sourced options:

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